As the game of football continues to develop globally, it has become imperative that as a club to adopt a business model to meet the ever increasing demands and to reach our desired destiny.  In 2015, the club launched the 5 year strategic business plan known as Safari Yetu 2016 – 2020.

Safari Yetu ‘Our Journey’ 2020 is our preferred direction in the next five years for successful management and development of Vipers Sports Club. In order to achieve our objectives there are statutory, structural, operational and behavioral reforms that we must undertake. The strategic plan focuses us on the priorities, sets the targets, provides guidance on how to get there and means of verification of the outcomes.

Safari Yetu 2020 Strategic Business Plan will play an integral role in managing Vipers Sports Club and achieving its goals in the next five years sustainably. Vipers Sports Club, as part of this strategic business plan, we will implement strong business practices in areas of administration, finance, technical and commercial to ensure that the club is managed diligently.

The Safari Yetu 2020 Strategic Business plan’s main objective is to deliver sustainable growth and development of the club whilst ensuring self-funding. The following outcomes reflect what Vipers Sports Club wants to achieve over the next five (5) years:

  • Effective governance and management practices in place.
  • Financial stability and positive growth
  • Maintain a strong presence and competitiveness in football
  • Acquisition of Assets including facilities
  • Membership growth and participation
  • Increased levels of funding; sponsorship donations, grants and fundraising
  • Effective youth and women development management plan
  • Greater level of support from the community and the media
  • Brand recognition
  • Stakeholder engagement; timely & effective communication.

The Club has set up mechanisms to implement, monitor and review the strategic plan to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and continued suitability.